Gypsy Soule on CMT’s Southern Nights

That’s right Gypsy Sisters, Gypsy Soule is going to be ALL over your TV this spring.  CMT is premiering a new show called Southern Nights, the same night that Texas Women Season 2 premieres. Southern Nights is like kind of like Bachelor Pad meets Jersey Shore meets The South.  Past cast members from Sweet Home Alabama live and play together in Savannah.  Kristina OClicious Kraus is in the cast, which makes me super excited to watch.  That girl is crazy funny.  Savannah will never be the same!  She along with several of the other castmates will be rocking’ their Soules!  A little birdie told me OcLicious may even be rocking some pretty hot new flip flops….so stayed tuned and get ready!!!  If you have twitter you can follow Kristina @ocliciousdoll She is a hoot and sweetheart, really I promise, so so so sweet.  WE LOVE HER!!!

Make sure and set your DVR’s for this…there will lots of chances to win some awesome Gypsy Soule for those of you who watch and pay attention!!!


The Junk Gypsies featured in HGTV magazine

Gypsies are taking over, everywhere!!!  WE LOVE IT!  The Junk Gypsies are featured in HGTV’s new magazine!!  How awesome is that? I can NOT wait for their new show to start airing this spring on HGTV!  Click here to subscribe to the magazine!  LOVE IT!

Also make sure and check out what is going on over on Gypsy Sisters!  Lots of fun new articles and they will be giving away a pair of Gypsy Soules on Valentine’s Day, so go enter that rockin’ contest now!

Another Fabulous Market

Well Dallas Market was Phenomenal!  It is so great to see all of our dealers and see just how excited everyone is about all of our new goodies!  Let me tell you Soule Sisters, you better hold on to your hats, because when this stuff hits stores this spring you are going to want to be first in line!  My list is already longer than it should be and we still have more new things to come!  What’s a girl to do?  BUY IT ALL, I say!  Our good friends from The General Store made an appearance and placed their orders along with The Maverick across the street, so if you are in Fort Worth you know where to line up!!!

Now I would like to introduce you to Jeremy, he is our resident Drag Queen….How fabulous is he?  Love the hair!  Check out that new tee he is rocking….LOVE IT!!!  (yes it is on my list)He of course had to get a little love from our Gypsy Sisters, Amy & Lo!And of course Market wouldn’t be Market without Petticoats!!!!  There are still a couple of chances to catch us at Market, so check out the schedule and make your plans, you DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT!!!!  

Wednesday Wrap-up

Wow, what a week already.  We have been so busy.  Orders are shipping out everywhere, Amy & Lo are still rocking in Vegas, this weekend is the Junk Gypsy Prom….I haven’t had time to catch my breath!  So instead of wrapping up this week on Friday, I need to do a mid-week wrap up just to catch all my Soule Sisters Up!

First off Angie Meadors will be in the Best Hat Store Booth 1831 at the Convention center today @ 1:00 in Vegas signing autographs.  She is AWESOME and WE LOVE HER! Next up look who has made the news!!!  WE DID! WE DID!

Two great articles about our participation in the ACA that aired on FOX on Monday 

David Becker/Wire Image

That shot comes from and that is none other than Kristin Chenowith loving her some Gypsy Soule backstage at the ACA’s.  Click here to read the full story!

Music News Nashville also did a great piece on all the happenings backstage!  Click here to check out their story.

Okay, believe it or not there is more…Check out our awesome fashionistas on Tough Enough to Wear Pink day!Well as if those outfits weren’t enough sparkle and glam, Amy and Lo managed to add to it, with Sparkle Josh Johnson.  Some of you may remember him from HGTV’s Design Star. Josh is AMAZING and WE LOVE LOVE LOVE him (oh and I so want his jacket)Those are his FABULOUS creations in the background, here is a better picture of just the tree which is SUPER FAB! Make sure and show Josh some love on his website, OMG I just had the most amazing idea/dream/fantasy – Sparkle Josh and The Junk Gypsies should totally come redecorate my house.  Talk about awesome, that would be awesome.  :) I think I will have my people call their people, but don’t worry I won’t hold my breath!  I bet you think I am done, don’t you….nope not even close!

Check out these awesome outfits from yesterday….(PS I want to throw everything in my closet out every time Amy & Lo send me a picture)All I have to say to these outfits is Hola Mamacita and DAAAYYYMMM…Our Gypsy Soule Sisters are looking HOT!  I love love love that red skirt!  Amy’s closet is like a dream land and don’t even get me started on her jewelry collection or we will be here all day.

Now I’m finished….NOT!  It gets even better!  Guess who else is in VEGAS?  Our two FAVORITE Texas Women – Anna & Hannah!!!  Amy & Lo got to hang out with Hannah today at the convention center and at the Rodeo on Pink night, here is Anna with our Soule Sisters and some of their besties! Okay now seriously I am done.  I promise.  Don’t forget to go on over to the Gypsy Sisters’ Facebook page and vote on the winner of the Gypsy Soule/Junk Gypsy Contest.  Click here to the Facebook page.  


Fun in the Photobooth & Other Shenannigans

It’s been another fun day in Vegas for our Soule Sisters!  Amy and Lo were both rocking’ their Gypsy Soule’s today!  Amy sent this picture in of her dad Bob Moorhouse (he is my photo hero!).  Bob is in town to judge the Miss Rodeo competition.  I think he is going to have a great time, what do you think? The Cinch Guys & one awesome Cinch Gal, stopped by today for a little fun in the photo booth with Amy and Lo.  (Top row – Matt, Brenda & Bobby, bottom row – Amy, Lo and Jeremy)  Those guys are doing a great job rocking those boas!  Love it! So if you are headed to Vegas for NFR make sure and stop by any of dealers and get a little Soule!  Also don’t forget to go over to Gypsy-Sisters and enter this weeks contest for some awesome prizes from us and Junk Gypsy!

Have a rockin’ good souleful weekend Sisters! – The Gypsy Blogger

In the News…

Well who would have thought that when a news crew showed up in Vegas, Gypsy Soule would catch their eye?  Ha, no surprise here!  News 8 out of Vegas stopped by yesterday and caught Lorinda for a minute.  They didn’t post the video online, but there are a couple of shots of our wares.  Go check out the story here and make sure and click on the slide show.

Here are a couple of more shots from yesterday of our Soule Sisters in Vegas.  Did I tell you we have a photo booth?  Oh I didn’t, that’s right I was waiting….Well we have a photo booth this year.  It is really awesome, we got these really cool old syle polaroids, so retro, so funky, so US!  Here is one of them from yesterday!  More later Soule Sisters!

Love, Rock & Soule – The Gypsy Blogger

Oh hey don’t forget to go over to Gypsy-Sisters and enter this weeks contest!  It is an awesome prize pack from Gypsy Soule and Junk Gypsy!


Junk Gypsies is HERE!!!!!!

Oh Me Oh My Christmas is here early!  HGTV is airing a sneak peak of their new show JUNK GYPSIES!!!  It airs tonight on HGTV at 7/6 central.  I am soooo sooo sooooo excited about this.  It is going to be awesome.  I am sure you all remember how fantastic Miranda Lambert’s wedding was, well the Junk Gypsies were the creative minds behind that.  I know, right?  SO GREAT!  Go on over to, look around, shop and check out their blog for all the details. (look close enough and you will find some awesome Gypsy Soule goodies in their rocking online store, it happens to be one of my favorite places to shop)  They are doing a prom in December, I so want to go.  I mean how much fun!  Soule Sisters, if you never do anything else I ask, do this.  Set your DVR, Watch it tonight when it is on, whatever it takes this is a show YOU DO NOT want to miss.  We will post a recap on our sister site, GYPSY-SISTERS.COM tomorrow along with lots of fun stuff with the fabulous gals of JUNK GYPSIES.  So stay tuned, stay connected and stay Gypsy!

Love, Rock & Soule – The Gypsy Blogger

It’s contest time again ladies!

So this week’s contest is going to be a little different.  We are going to help out our sister site Gypsy Sisters.  They are new to the Facebook world, and their fan count is sad.  So here is how you our amazing SOULE SISTERS can help them out and win some awesome bracelets.  I snuck into the warehouse yesterday and stashed a handful of these and a couple more styles that are similar just for my rockin’ Soule Sisters.  So HERE IS HOW TO WIN.  Gypsy-Sisters is all about empowering women to have confidence in themselves and to live by their own rules, so go LIKE their Facebook page and leave an inspiring quote or comment on their wall.  Winners will be picked by our staff.  You have until Monday at midnight to enter!  Ready Set Go.  Here is the direct link their page.  GYPSYSISTERS!

Rock, Love & Soule – The Gypsy Blogger