Sweet Home Alabama has a SOULE SISTER!

I have been anxiously awaiting this announcement!  CMT’s Sweet Home Alabama is back from its second season and there is a Soule Sister vying for the heart of the first Bachelor!

Soule Sisters give a warm welcome to Paige Duke!  Here is an excerpt from CMT’s profile on Paige.

Paige Duke, from Lancaster, S.C., is a former ambassador for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Paige now works at Kruger Farms and is a part-time model and veterinary technician. She enjoys rodeos, hunting, fishing and watching sports. Paige owns two pit bulls that she adores and is hoping to find the perfect man to add to the mix.


Paige is a Soule Sister through and through and we are really excited that she is going to be rockin’ some Gypsy Soule on Sweet Home Alabama this season.  Here are some of Paige’s modeling shots.  (I would hate her if she wasn’t so dang sweet)

She should have no problem winning Tribble’s heart, she is gorgeous on top of being smart and a really sweet girl.  This next set of pics are probably the best, because it really shows Paige and shows why she is a Soule Sister.

 I will be talking more about Paige as it gets closer to the premiere, so get ready to watch and cheer on Paige, Soule Sisters.  Why?  Because Soule Sisters stick together!!

Also make sure and stop by her facebook page and show her some Soule Sister Love!

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4 thoughts on “Sweet Home Alabama has a SOULE SISTER!

  1. Very SMART & WISE decision CMT !!! Paige is a member of our NASCAR family and we know you’ll love her as much as we do. The wife and I are very happy for her. Y’all be good to her, ” HERE ” !!!

  2. Wow, I am so excited for Paige. Such a balance of life and spirit in your pictures. Always adorning people with that beautiful and Souleful smile. I am proud of her. She has L&R (Love & Respect).

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