Gypsy Soule® Featured in Parker County Today

Amy & Lorinda made the cover of Parker County Today magazine and had their very own spread where they tell us how they started Gypsy Soule®. It wasn’t an over-night success. Amy says, “One night Lorinda called me in the middle of the night and said ‘I got it. Gypsy Soule.’ I’m the gypsy, she’s the soul. It’s perfect!” It took hard work and dedication for Amy and Lorinda to get where they are today. They also discuss what the future of Gypsy Soule® looks like and what new products you can see coming out next year. Get your copy of Parker County Today and show Amy & Lorinda some love~!


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Gypsy Soule® is hiring!

A/R & Credit Specialist for Gypsy Soule®

Key Responsibilities
▪ Assists in the financial analysis, credit underwriting and approval process.
▪ Identifies credit approval, annual reviews, renewals of credit, and client credit.
▪ Assure timely collection of monies due.
▪ Monitor and report on deviations from credit standards.
▪ Assure timely and accurate invoicing.
▪ Manage cash application making sure all cash receipts are applied properly.
▪ Conduct credit checks on all customers, establish and manage limits.
▪ Make recommendations to improve quality of invoicing and collection procedures.
▪ Daily reporting of invoicing totals/aging totals/cash receipts/invoice adjustments.
▪ Receive and apply credit card and COD payments.
▪ Deposit and batch credit card totals.
▪ Setting up and maintain all credit files.
▪ Analyzing order report & scheduling appropriate orders daily.
▪ Bank deposits.
▪ Mail out monthly statements.
▪ Conduct follow up collection calls.

▪ Experience in credit, collections and QuickBooks.
▪ Superior spreadsheets skills and a good knowledge of Microsoft Excel.
▪ Excellent written and verbal communication skills are a must.
▪ Knowledge and understanding of D&B reporting is required.
▪ Accounting, Finance or Business major preferred.
▪ Strong consumer credit knowledge and basic advisory credit knowledge.
▪ Strong knowledge of deposits & credit cards.
▪ Very strong client Service Skills.
▪ Demonstrated ability to meet aggressive deadlines.
▪ Strong computer skills.
▪ OCD organized and detailed.
▪ Flexible; readily adapts to change and new products, systems or methods.
▪ Strong oral and written communication skills.
▪ Word, Excel and Power Point.

Salary discussed in interviews. Please state salary range at that time.

Please send resume to

Amy & Lorinda’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

It is over whelming to see all the posts on Facebook of people taking the ALS challenge from grown up to kids everyone is getting involved. Social Media can be such a great positive tool. Here at GypsyLand Amy, my two girls and I all took the challenge along with donating to our friend Jeye Johnson’s mother is has ALS. Jeye has been a friend to all of us for over 10 years and Amy or I never knew her mother was ill. I am so glad she wrote about her mother on her Facebook page so we know how we can help her. If you would like to donate to her mother here is her address…

Lorry Warren
c/o David Bass
10019 Silver Mountain Dr
Austin, TX 78737


We were challenged by our good friend Kyle to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Here is the end result! Don’t you love how they put their own twist on it!



Gypsy Soule® is hiring!


Looking for an energetic team player to contribute to our production team.

The candidate must demonstrate the following:

  • Must be able to read and follow very detailed label instructions
  • Must be attentive and able to stay focused
  • Must be willing and able to perfect their skilled position while learning others
  • Must have a creative and artistic eye for detail
  • Must pass a drug test and background check
  • Must be able to work full time
  • Starting at $8.00 with room to grow

Please submit resume to or fax 817-598-1536

Gypsy Soule® featured in Oryx Magazine

The Gypsy Soule® Extreme Audrey was featured in Oryx Magazine! How awesome is this shoe? It’s so pretty! This magazine will be in all Qatar Airlines airplanes so be sure to be on the lookout for some Soule in the sky!extreme audrey

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