Lorinda Rides with Dena Kirkpatrick

The other day I had the incredible opportunity to take a lesson with barrel horse trainer Dena Kirkpatrick. This lesson will be broadcast on RFD’s Racers Edge, on Wed., July 22 at 7:30pm CSTD. I’m so excited to be able to share this experience with everyone and hope that you’ll tune in!

Dena is insanely talented and her energy is eclectic! Just her presence gets you super pumped and ready to set the road on fire! Talk about #racelikeagirl! Not only is Dena wicked on a horse, but she’s also a bold fashionista, so it was great having her visit the Gypsy Soule headquarters before we hit the arena. Amy and I got her outfitted in her Gypsy Soule gear, including the new Jess jean (pictured). which she rocked!


DSC03103 DSC03065Anyway, back to the lesson. I know many of you who compete probably struggle with a lot of the same things I do. If you watch the show, you’ll see how Dena helped me with things like getting out of my horse’s face going to the barrel, keeping him and myself tuned up by doing slow exercises, etc. But one thing Dena and I also talked about that I wanted to share with you all was keeping a positive mental state. I think so often we focus, or even obsess, on “this, that and the other” with our horse’s positioning, our equipment, etc. (I know I do), and we forget to pay attention to our mental state. Just like anything else, you’ve got to stay positive and be confident in yourself first and, in this case, in your horse as well.

DSC03180I don’t care if you’re running a Fortune 500 company, if you’re a new mom, you’re starting your own business or have set goals for yourself in the arena, you’ve GOT to believe in yourself and foster a positive mental state. For me, when I’m trying to mentally prepare for a competition, I try to envision myself having a badass run before I ever head to the pen. It might sound crazy, but it works! I may go over it several times in my head even. It just helps me to build confidence in myself and when I do that, my horse feels it. There is NOTHING more liberating than heading to that first barrel knowing YOU CAN DO THIS! Having that mindset will set you apart from the competition and that’s what we all want, right? Dena stressed the importance of this to me and, even though we all know it, it’s important to have strong, confident women around you reminding you that you’re perfectly capable of doing what you set out to do. In closing, I want to thank Dena again for not only helping me with my horse, but also for reminding me that No. 1 – I CAN DO THIS. I can run better times. I can improve (we can ALL always improve) and No.2 – I can (and I will) have fun doing it by preparing my mind, body and SOULE to do so! So set out today to be confident in your goals and surround yourself with people that encourage you. Find your Dena. Believe in yourself, and go kick some ass!   -Lorinda



Gypsy Soule featured on CW San Diego

Gypsy Soule was featured on the CW San Diego where they feature some of our best sellers! Check it out and let us know which pair is your favorite!

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Gypsy Soule is hiring!

Gypsy Soule is hiring in Our Design Department.

Required Skills:

  • Adobe Creative Suite Ability (all aspects, but specifically Photoshop and Illustrator)
  • Graphic Art Abilities/Spec Sheets
  • Asia Experience & Sourcing Abilities
  • Traveling is required
  • History of Working with Factories
  • Follow the Product from the development process through final production – including salesman sampling, costing and any QC comments
  • Shoe/technical experience but willing to train
  • Detail Oriented and has the ability to Multi Task and Plan

Job is located in Weatherford, TX at our Corporate Offices
Salary, 401k, PTO and Benefits.
Salary discussed at 2nd interview

Please send resume to cory@gypsysoule.com

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