Where’s Wyly?

Can you spot Wyly? Find Tess Wyly in Vegas during the NFR for a chance to win a year supply of Gypsy Soule® jeans! How exciting is that? Perfect timing for a SOULEFUL Christmas!

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Get The Look!

Check out these awesome Gypsy Soule® goodies that can be yours today! These products go great together and will be the perfect gift for any Soule Sister. Check out the website to stock up on your favorite item!

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Gypsy Soule® Featured in Cowgirl Magazine

Gypsy Soule® was recently featured in the November issue of Cowgirl Magazine. Check out the new Gypsy Soule® perfume that will be here this December. All three smell amazing so be sure to put them down on your Christmas list for Santa!


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