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One of the hottest trends in denim this Fall is cuffing. Sorry ’bout your luck seamstresses, but we are diggin’ this hip fashion trend! Cuffing opens up the door for so many more looks and makes every pair of jeans in your closet an asset. How many times have you looked at your stack of jeans and thought, “Those are too short to wear with these shoes,” or “Those are just too long to wear with anything other than boots”… Well, this fall, you can rock this trend by cuffing away and make any jean work!

Now note, there are different levels of “cuffers” that range from minimal to extreme and either can work, especially with Gypsy Soule Jeans! Click here to see what Vogue says about cuffing this Fall, and then view the gallery below to get some ideas on styling your cuff-savvy Gypsy Soule Jeans.

New Shoe Bases Deliver Extreme Comfort

Gypsy Soule has been perfecting their “blingy” flip-flop since first introducing it to the world 13 years ago. Now, this stylish flip-flop delivers more comfort than ever before thanks to the new Comfort Fit base. Even more cushioning on the base matched with high quality EVA and rubber soles makes it not only comfortable but also extremely durable. And let’s not forget the tops! Not only is Gypsy Soule producing the most stylish flip-flop on the market by using only the finest Italian leathers, hides and Swarovski Crystals, but we’ve now lined the inside of those beautiful straps with pads so that the tops of your feet are just as comfy as the bottom in your Gypsy Soules! See the gallery below and watch the video to hear what Gypsy Soule President Lorinda Van Newkirk has to say about the new Gypsy Soule Comfort Fit bases. Visit to shop or find a dealer near you!

Facts about Gypsy Soule shoes:

  • all high-end fashion components are handmade by a talented team of women in the Texas factory
  • each shoe is touched BY HAND 8 to 12 times during the production process
  • only the finest materials are used
  • shoes undergo extensive testing for comfort and longevity
  • each shoe is available in three different heel heights – flat, wedge or heel
  • any shoe can be customized to fit the customer’s wants

Seeing Stars

 c5a6d830a0aecd141acb814b831016f5There is nothing better than the heat of a Texas night. The warm air accompanied by the sounds of nature brings me a sense of comfort.  I can feel the faint breeze of the wind just enough to chill the sweat on my skin. The yellow lights that line our backyard give me such a welcoming feel that makes me feel at peace and at home.  I love to come out and reflect on the day with a chilled crown and water or a good bottle of red wine. What starts as one or two glasses tends to end up as me drinking enough to feel it the next morning. As my thoughts become more relaxed, I’m reminded why a cocktail under the Texas Stars can make my worries go away… for a while, anyway.

I can remember so many nights as a young teenager climbing to the top of the huge haystack at my parents house with a saddle pad in hand to lay on. I would stare at the same stars above making huge wishes for my future, wondering where I would go in my life once I left that place I called home. Funny how when reminisce on the most peaceful moments of our lives, it’s so often something we did when we were young. We had the world at our fingertips and couldn’t wait to blaze our own trail. I couldn’t, anyway.

Several years ago we lost two of our very dear family friends to suicide. One in mid-August and one less than eight months later. Both were very full of life-  funny, loving, giving men that sadly had deep, dark places in their hearts that they did not know how to fill with love or forgiveness to themselves.  Our dear friend that took his life second had an amazing loving wife and a 2-year-old daughter. They would come stay with us from time to time after they lost him. We would talk, drink wine, look at pictures… but the one thing we always did every time she came after her daughter was tucked away in bed was lay out on my sidewalk in front of our guest house with the warm clement from the heat of that day on our backs. We would stare at the stars and dream of what her life was going to be and where she was going to go.

So many times in our life we just think, “This is it. This is my life.” We need to remember to lay back, stare above into the stars and recognize what gifts God as given us, what challenges we have overcome and be open to what we He has in store for us next.

As I write this tonight I feel the warm cement all around me and the stars shining down on me. I feel the blessings of God, and I feel the challenges in front of me. I am that same girl lying on my back looking up to the Lord wondering where my life will take me.

– Lorinda




New Vulcanized Shoes A Hot Fall Item


Looking for a little street swagger? Check out the new Vulcanized Shoes from Gypsy Soule! These stylish, trendy kicks offer crazy comfort with an edgy flair that you won’t find anywhere else. As if the hip patterns and vibrant colors on the three new styles aren’t enough, these shoes cover all the bases when it comes to quality. The removable performance sole offers arch support and a cupped heel and, did we mention it’s removable?

soleYep! So you can pop those babies out, wash them and let them air dry it to keep those twinkle toes smelling pretty! In addition, the collar lining is made of genuine pigskin, not that synthetic junk that accompanies a lot of sneakers on the market today. This makes for a more breathable and comfortable fit. To top it off, the bottoms are super cute, sporting Gypsy Soule’s signature purple and green so there won’t be any doubt where you got those bad boys.

Click here to shop Gypsy Soule Vulcanized Shoes now!


Gypsy Soule Announces 2015 Soule Sister Fashion Show at NFR!


It’s hard to believe it’s already FALL, and for Gypsy Soul that means we are down to the GRIND getting ready for the National Finals Rodeo in LAS VEGAS that kicks off in November! This year is going to be one for the books in Vegas, and we guarantee that you will not want to miss out on all things GYPSY SOULE including the Soule Sister Fashion Show at the MGM’s Gold Buckle Zone on Dec. 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11!

Here’s the best part… book your rooms at the MGM or Signature and not only will you receive GREAT rates for the 2015 NFR, but you can also be entered to win TWO behind the scenes passes to the Soule Sister Fashion Show! Winners will be escorted back stage by cowboy and viral sensation Chad Prather and get to chat up some of rodeo’s leading stars including Fallon Taylor! Just enter your hotel confirmation code below to be entered to win. We’ll draw one winner for every night of the fashion show. Be sure to follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on all things NFR this year and sign up for our newsletter at! 









  • Book at MGM Grand Nov. 23 through Dec. 19, with this Gypsy Soule offer and receive rates of $60 midweek and $120 weekend PLUS 2 Buffets AND 2 Crown Royal cocktails per stay! Click here to book at the MGM or use offer code MGPSL15P
  • Book at the Signature Nov. 23 through Dec. 19, with this special Gypsy Soule offer and receive rates of $80 midweek and $140 weekend PLUS Buffets AND 2 Crown Royal cocktails per stay! Click here to book at the Signature  or use offer code SGPSL15P

OR BOOK BY PHONE: Guests may also call Room Reservations at 1‐800‐929‐1111 or 1‐702‐891‐7777 and ask for the “Gypsy Soule NFR” offer and provide the corresponding Offer Code from the chart above.

Phone #
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Gypsy Soule Introduces Artisan Collection

crop2 crop1

When Gypsy Soule jewelry designer Amy Moorhouse set out to design the Artisan Collection, it quickly became one of her favorites and for multiple reasons. Not only does this new line deliver high quality, hand-crafted jewelry, it does so while embracing on of this season’s most popular trends – mixed metals with a boho vibe. Of course, Gypsy Soule put our own twist on it that bursts with authenticity and hints of western flair.

For Amy, watching the artists create these pieces while in the design process was exhilarating.

“Being able to combine art with fashion is what brought me to this profession, and it’s what I’m passionate about,” said Amy. “So when I can envision a piece and then watch a craftsman’s hands work diligently to create it, it’s like magic to me. And then to be able to wear that piece and carry that story of true artistry with you wherever you go is just food for the soul. Every time I look down at one of this pieces, I see dreams come alive.”

For Gypsy Soule President Lorinda Van Newkirk, the Artisan Collection is all about the message. Many of the pieces offer inspirational messages such as the popular brass and metal cuff that reads “All Good Things Are Wild and Free,” as well as the top-selling necklace that comes adorned with a charm that reads “Follow Your Arrow.”

DB441 68 DN497-36 $84The depth of the Artisan Collection by Gypsy Soule carries the mantra of the brand that is all about empowering women. While many pieces from Gypsy Soule are bold with bright colors and exuberant crystal embellishments, this line stands for the woman who is strong on the inside. The woman with a free flowing spirit who wants to make the world a better place. The woman who possesses an organic beauty that gleams from the inside out. That’s the woman that will not only love, but have an culminating appreciation for Gypsy Soule’s Artisan Collection.


Click here to see the whole line of the Artisan Collection.


Artisan Collection

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Soule Sister Tina Harrison

We recently had a special treat when our friend and Soule Sister Tina Harrison stopped by the Gypsy Soule headquarters. Tina, of Springtown, Texas, is an avid competitor, wife, mother of two and a fitness enthusiast. A few months ago she was involved in a horse accident that caused severe head trauma. Through her strong faith and support from her family and friends, Tina overcame her struggles, had a miraculous recovery and is now back in the saddle. Watch the video to learn what this incredible cowgirl says about trusting the Lord to carry you through your troubles.

Unanswered Prayers

So I recently went home to Cali for a trip—remember, it’s the place I call Hell on the HD (High Desert). I took the time to sit down and reflect on my love-hate relationship with this place, and wanted to share what I came up with.

For sure, all the good times here and all the bad times here, they made me who I am—and isn’t that what home is? Where you became you.


My dad working cattle on our family’s ranch in HD.

In Texas, at least where I have chosen to live in Texas, is lovely. There are trees, water—whether in lakes or rivers—rolling hills, green grass and it’s a lot different from my home. So, when I come “home,” you know, where I’m from, I look around and take it all in and get washed over with a variety of emotions. I chose not to stay. In some ways I was pushed away. I reflect on my 19-year-old self and think about how badly I needed to escape this place, to just run! I used to think it was because of what my home is, where my family’s ranch is. It’s not breathtaking. You won’t see this place on postcards. The towns around here aren’t tourist destinations. It’s hot, dusty and pretty remote.


So, a lot of people would look at this place and think, “No wonder you wanted to run.” But, what repels one person draws another in: the remoteness, the dry desert air, the cool nights, the skies so open and blue and unyielding that the resulting brightness hurts your eyes. My family loves it—to each his own, right?

But, as an adult, looking back, I realize it’s a more universal thing, that need to run.


So, I took my will to succeed, to have my own business, packed it in my suitcase, and I did what all 19-year-olds should do. I ran. I mean, did I run. Not just all over California, but all over the United States! I’ve had a number of my own businesses and worked in several different jobs in the fashion industry. There was a time when I basically lived on the road, going from ropings to rodeos to all sorts of huge western events selling clothes, shoes, jewelry. I went from this High Desert home I’d always known, a place of utter security, total love, and I jumped out there in the world and found I had no home. It was exhilarating and terrifying all at once.

And all of that, those experiences, completely relying on myself, building a life, building several businesses, one failed marriage along the way, led me to where I am now. My husband, Joel, our gorgeous daughters who steal my heart every day, Gypsy Soule, Texas….home.


Those fervent prayers of a young woman, who prayed about staying on that High Desert ranch, who prayed about devoting her life to her high school sweetheart, who prayed about making a life with him in their hometown—those prayers were never answered.

I thank God every day for those unanswered prayers.



Sometimes, there’s more out there for us. Sometimes, we don’t trust God. Sometimes, we have to be pushed from the nest in order to find our wings and learn that, indeed, we can fly.

I choose to trust in God.




Be All You Can Be


Ready to charge right into fall with the Military trend that’s standing strong and true?  This look keeps versatile and tough in action by infiltrating army hues, brass metals and edgy appeal. Keep to the neutral color palette or make your own statement by adding splashes of color with this thriving affection that we all love! Gypsy Soule will have you well-armed to hit the fashion battlefield with these great products. Click here to shop Military Madness at Gypsy Soule!