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Web Support Specialist

Responsible for managing website, blogs and online stores. In addition to managing the online store inventory, this person must also write product descriptions, proof read and manage the overall presence of the website. Ability to assist with photography and clipping of imagery is also required.

Person must be capable of taking projects from the initial concept stage through completion on the website. Responsible for managing online inventory for retail and wholesale stores. Manages inventory on dropbox and website and makes sure those are consistent. Takes direction from marketing and sales managers, and works closely with the web developer to maintain site and ensure it is consistent with all current inventory.

Strong organizational and communication skills are a must. Tasks require a strong attention to detail and ability to work under tight deadlines.


  • Assisting with editing product imagery
  • Management and organization of product imagery on dropbox
  • Management of website inventory: price, description, imagery
  • Development and management of blog
  • Keep current with emerging web technologies through relevant blogs, and events
  • Develop and manage new online platform for moving old inventory
  • Track and report all site metrics

Required skills:

  • Exceptional organizational and communication skills
  • Knowledge of website metrics
  • Ability to manage multiple projects in a fast paced, deadline driven environment
  • Basic Adobe Photoshop skills
  • Proven ability to work effectively within a cross-departmental team.
  • Passion, integrity, energy, attention to detail

Job is located at Gypsy Soule® Headquarters
4180 West I 20
Weatherford, TX 76088

Required to work from the office location
Salary discussed at second interview.

**Please send resume to

The Giveaway

We don’t do it to make ourselves feel better, but dang it, it does make us feel great!

In March, Gypsy Soule donated about 2,300 pair of shoes—flip-flops, flats, boots—to a Fort Worth church, Met Church. We’ve worked with the church before, in 2012, when we donated several hundred pair of shoes for a mission trip to Uganda, in East Africa.


Well, we don’t do anything small at Gypsy Soule, and neither Amy nor I have ever been accused of being timid! We decided to blow up our donation and we’ve been thrilled at the response from the recipients. We worked with a couple, Liz and Duane Griffith, who are members of Met Church and are involved with the church’s missions. Duane told me all about the places our shoes were donated.


There was Presbyterian Night Shelter, where more than 500 men and women are housed on a daily basis. Duane said the shelter coordinator for donations, Harriet Willis, met him at the shelter and was overwhelmed by the number of shoes we had for them. The shelter is even going to save some of the boots and shoes until next Christmas, when they’ll be given as special gifts to the women who live at the shelter with their young children.



That chokes me up…seriously, it does.

The other donation location was Beautiful Feet ministries, which has been serving the poor and homeless in Fort Worth for more than 30 years! They provide so many options for the people who live there: worship services, a daily soup kitchen serving two meals a day, daily Bible studies, free medical, dental and vision care and a clothing closet. The clothing closet provides clothing and supplies to between 150-200 people monthly. Mission teams from across the United States come to serve alongside Beautiful Feet Ministry staff, and the day our shoes were delivered, there was a mission team from Alabama just finishing up their mission trip.


IMG_1456IMG_1466 Amy and I were thrilled to hear about how excited the staff and volunteers were about the shoes. They all immediately began planning how to distribute them to those they serve.

The other part of our donation effects women on the other side of the globe, and it makes me so proud to be a part of this amazing mission in a little place called Jinja in Uganda, in East Africa. We first donated shoes to Met Church in 2012 for this particular mission, and I’m so gratified that another 300 pair of shoes will be going there again!

Liz and Duane Griffith let me know that Met Church’s mission team will visit Jinja this summer. The donated shoes will be given to women who work as part of a support group/co-op of women who are either HIV positive or who have AIDS. Because of their medical conditions, the women in this group have been abandoned by their families.

By working together making crafts, jewelry and other items that are sold to visiting mission teams, the women provide a support system for one another. The only income these women make is from the sale of these hand-made items.

The beaming faces of these women—a picture really is worth a thousand words! I think this photo eloquently say more than I ever could.


We are humbled to be part of such worthy causes, and we want to thank our patrons for making this type of generosity possible!

–Lorinda Van Newkirk


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I spy contest:

Rules – every time someone sees Gypsy Soule product (on social media, on the street, at an event, anywhere…) type in I spy #gypsysoule in a post or comments section on social media.

Winners will be chosen at random.

Win a year supply of jeans (12 pair of jeans, once/month)


MTV, Rock n’ Roll & Gypsy Soule®

MTV, Rock n’ Roll and Gypsy Soule®
Gypsy Soule® rocks the 2015 MTV Movie Awards with gifts for celebrity attendees.

WEATHERFORD, TX—Gypsy Soule® amped up the glittering revelry surrounding the 2015 MTV Movie Awards—held Sunday, April 12, in Los Angeles, Calif.—with a gift to celebrity attendees. They brought their signature bling to the show by adding a striking Gypsy Soule® multi-strand beaded necklace and matching hoop earrings to the goody bags distributed to about 90 celebrities, including Sofia Vergara, Scarlett Johansson, Rebel Wilson and Reese Witherspoon.

“We at Gypsy Soule® are thrilled to be part of the 2015 MTV Movie Awards,” says Gypsy Soule® co-owner Lorinda Van Newkirk. “I grew up in Southern California in the 1980s, we loved our rock ‘n’ roll and MTV—in fact, I still do. Having the opportunity to add to the excitement surrounding the awards show by offering our jewelry is an honor for us.”

The 2015 MTV Movie Awards, like all celebrity awards shows, offers many attendees a goody bag stocked with a vast array of items, including snacks, gift cards, liquor, handbags, luggage, electronics, beauty and skincare items, clothing and, of course, jewelry like the set from Gypsy Soule®.

Gypsy Soule® was created with the mantra “products for women, designed by women.” It’s for women who live by their own rules. Founders Amy Moorhouse—a self-described free spirit—and Lorinda Van Newkirk—with the soul and attitude of a rock star—both grew up on ranches: Amy in West Texas, Lorinda in Southern California. They moved the to city to pursue their dreams, and they set out with the goals of building women’s confidence, celebrating individual senses of style and making women feel good about themselves. They started out in 2003 designing bejeweled flip-flops, and have, throughout the past 12 years, significantly expanded their brand and are now viewed as titans in their field. Today, Gypsy Soule® is a house of fashion that offers a lavish selection of fiery, flashy and fun shoes, shirts, jeans, caps, jewelry and handbags. Each item is still designed by Amy and Lorinda, ensuring their style and vision remains a lasting part of every Gypsy Soule® item.

MTV did a very funny photo gallery of the gift bag items. Dino the dinosaur loves her Gypsy Soule® jewels!


The gift bag items were also featured in many Hollywood news sources including ET, Extra, OK Magazine, Radar Online, Celebuzz, In Touch and Life & Style. MTV even caught a picture with Tyler Posey from the MTV hit series Teen Wolf with the gift table!


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Gypsy Soule®’s + Rope Like a Girl = Diamond Tough

Gypsy Soule®’s + Rope Like a Girl = Diamond Tough

A new line of shirts and caps for girls encourage confidence.

WEATHERFORD, TX—The wildly stunning Gypsy Soule® fashion house joined forces with world-class roper Lari Dee Guy to create their spirited “Rope Like a Girl®” line. The line of T-shirts and caps was designed with girls in mind, as an eye-catching way to deliver a message: you can do it.

Guy wanted to take the saying, “Rope Like a Girl®,” and turn it on its head—to take it from disparaging and make it encouraging. She counted on Gypsy Soule® to bring her vision to life.

“I admit, I’d said ‘I roped like a girl,’ on days when I didn’t score well, when I took a bad shot from more coils back than I can really reach, or when I just flat missed a steer I shouldn’t have,” says Guy, a champion roper, well-known roping instructor and an accomplished horse trainer. “But did how I roped have anything to do with the fact that I was a girl? Heck no. I always knew that. I have always believed that, as a girl, I could do anything in the world I wanted to. Why had I been using, and hearing, ‘rope like a girl,’ my whole life, as a negative?

“When I started thinking about that saying a few years ago, it lit a fire in me. It got me thinking about the young girls who come to my schools in South Dakota, Hawaii, Australia, and everywhere in between…They don’t have a doubt in their minds at 10 years old that they’ll see women roping at the Thomas & Mack (Arena in Las Vegas at the National Finals Rodeo) someday. I felt that way when I was 10, too. So why, then, were we letting these girls hear the words ‘rope like a girl’ like it’s a bad thing? Why would we do anything or say anything to discourage that same 10-year-old girl from chasing her dreams?”

Rope Like A Girl was launched to erase doubt. It’s not about beating the boys. It means being proud to be a woman living her dreams, by her own rules, without limitations—Gypsy Soule® and Rope Like a Girl® both embody those beliefs. The Rope Like a Girl logo incorporates the world’s toughest stone, a diamond, as a reminder of how strong women can and must be to succeed. Forged under high pressure for generations, women know a little something about pressure and strength.

Gypsy Soule®’s Rope Like a Girl® launched in January and offers four T-shirts—size X-small to XX-large—and two caps, with more styles planned. To see the styles visit

About Lari Dee Guy: Lari Dee Guy was born, raised and still lives and works on her family’s ranch in Abilene, Texas. A lifelong rodeo cowgirl, Guy began winning roping competitions at the age of 8 and captured two National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA) championships during her college career. She continued to compete and win post-college, garnering countless roping championships. In the past few years she has reduced her competition schedule in order to focus on training horses and hosting roping schools across the United States, Australia and Europe. When she’s not training or running roping schools, she’s busy with Rafter L Breakaway Ropings, a business she started that allows women and girls to compete for large payouts and prize packages in breakaway roping. For more information on Lari Dee Guy, visit her webpage at

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