Gypsy Soule Announces 2015 Soule Sister Fashion Show at NFR!

It’s hard to believe it’s already FALL! For many, this means getting into the routine of going back to school or getting your kids back in the swing of things. But for Gypsy Soule, it means we are down to the GRIND getting ready for the National Finals Rodeo in LAS VEGAS that kicks off in November! This year is going to be one for the books in Vegas, and we guarantee that you will not want to miss out on all things GYPSY SOULE including the Soule Sister Fashion Show at the MGM!

Here’s the best part… book your rooms at the MGM or Signature and not only will you receive GREAT rates for the 2015 NFR, but you can also be entered to win TWO behind the scenes passes to the Soule Sister Fashion Show! Winners will be escorted back stage by cowboy and viral sensation Chad Prather and get to chat up some of rodeo’s leading stars! Just enter your confirmation code below to be entered. We’ll draw one winner for every night of the fashion show.

Chad Prather to host Behind the Scenes from Soule Sister Fashion Show .

Chad Prather to host Behind the Scenes from Soule Sister Fashion Show.


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BOOK BY PHONE: Guests may also call Room Reservations at 1‐800‐929‐1111 or 1‐702‐891‐7777 and ask for the “Gypsy Soule NFR” offer and provide the corresponding Offer Code from the chart above.

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Unanswered Prayers

So I recently went home to Cali for a trip—remember, it’s the place I call Hell on the HD (High Desert). I took the time to sit down and reflect on my love-hate relationship with this place, and wanted to share what I came up with.

For sure, all the good times here and all the bad times here, they made me who I am—and isn’t that what home is? Where you became you.


My dad working cattle on our family’s ranch in HD.

In Texas, at least where I have chosen to live in Texas, is lovely. There are trees, water—whether in lakes or rivers—rolling hills, green grass and it’s a lot different from my home. So, when I come “home,” you know, where I’m from, I look around and take it all in and get washed over with a variety of emotions. I chose not to stay. In some ways I was pushed away. I reflect on my 19-year-old self and think about how badly I needed to escape this place, to just run! I used to think it was because of what my home is, where my family’s ranch is. It’s not breathtaking. You won’t see this place on postcards. The towns around here aren’t tourist destinations. It’s hot, dusty and pretty remote.


So, a lot of people would look at this place and think, “No wonder you wanted to run.” But, what repels one person draws another in: the remoteness, the dry desert air, the cool nights, the skies so open and blue and unyielding that the resulting brightness hurts your eyes. My family loves it—to each his own, right?

But, as an adult, looking back, I realize it’s a more universal thing, that need to run.


So, I took my will to succeed, to have my own business, packed it in my suitcase, and I did what all 19-year-olds should do. I ran. I mean, did I run. Not just all over California, but all over the United States! I’ve had a number of my own businesses and worked in several different jobs in the fashion industry. There was a time when I basically lived on the road, going from ropings to rodeos to all sorts of huge western events selling clothes, shoes, jewelry. I went from this High Desert home I’d always known, a place of utter security, total love, and I jumped out there in the world and found I had no home. It was exhilarating and terrifying all at once.

And all of that, those experiences, completely relying on myself, building a life, building several businesses, one failed marriage along the way, led me to where I am now. My husband, Joel, our gorgeous daughters who steal my heart every day, Gypsy Soule, Texas….home.


Those fervent prayers of a young woman, who prayed about staying on that High Desert ranch, who prayed about devoting her life to her high school sweetheart, who prayed about making a life with him in their hometown—those prayers were never answered.

I thank God every day for those unanswered prayers.



Sometimes, there’s more out there for us. Sometimes, we don’t trust God. Sometimes, we have to be pushed from the nest in order to find our wings and learn that, indeed, we can fly.

I choose to trust in God.




Be All You Can Be


Ready to charge right into fall with the Military trend that’s standing strong and true?  This look keeps versatile and tough in action by infiltrating army hues, brass metals and edgy appeal. Keep to the neutral color palette or make your own statement by adding splashes of color with this thriving affection that we all love! Gypsy Soule will have you well-armed to hit the fashion battlefield with these great products. Click here to shop Military Madness at Gypsy Soule!

New Heritage Bracelets from Gypsy Soule

The new Heritage Bracelets from Gypsy Soule deliver a melding of sleek sophistication and heritage-inspired Native American beading. With a mixture of browns and golds, tortoise shell will add depth to any look, which is why it’s been named one of this fall’s hottest trends! Here, Gypsy Soule jewelry designer Amy Moorhouse did what she does best and combined a mainstream fashion craze with a pop of color and roots of tribal inspiration to give it that western flair. It’s classic, it’s hip, it’s Gypsy Soule.  Shop the collection now!







Ambush Horsewoman Makeover

WH Makeover Post Graphic




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Why being a “Sasshole” may not be a bad thing


Amy Moorhouse



Why, yes, I do have an opinion.  For those that know me, that isn’t a surprise – for those that are getting to know me better, it is a friendly warning.

I know, I know, it’s not always considered proper or polite for a woman (or anyone I guess) to speak freely—well, as freely as I speak, anyway. Whether people realize it or not, or maybe they realize it and won’t admit it, people don’t tend to like it when you’re honest. It’s shocking, it ruffles feathers, it unsettles. I’m forevermore being asked, “Gee, Amy, why don’t you just say what you’re thinking?” One of my favorite stories from when I first started my career many years ago was someone telling me how blunt I was, and how truly shocked I was to hear that. I finally realized it was because they had no idea how much I held back and did filter at the time!

I often reply, “I only said what everyone was thinking, but was too scared to say.” So, what’s wrong with that? I don’t think we were all born with the inalienable right to NOT be offended. Sometimes, you’re gonna be shocked, offended, surprised and guess what? That’s life, folks and often good things come from it!

It’s ironic because I’ve been thinking about writing this blog for a while, and recently Lorinda tagged me in this article on Facebook about how to tell if you’re a “sasshole.”

So I read the list, and pretty much, with a few exceptions, yeah, it’s me! Ha! The article says, in a nutshell, that you’re brash, opinionated; sometimes thought rude when it is no way your intention, hilarious and super, super, super fun (I added a couple of those supers, but anyway…).

Click here to determine if you, too, are a certifiable “SASSHOLE.”

The thing in that article that kind of spoke to me, though, was that, as a self-described sasshole, I can hurt people’s feelings. I either hurt feelings by what I say or by how I say it, or, hell, maybe both. Even sassholes have feelings, granted they lie under a bunch of layers of sass-pot sassiness. But, it’s never my intention to make someone feel bad. I just have this burning need—I’m not really in control of this, here, people—to say whatever is on my mind. No check valve, completely unfiltered—it’s like when people take a photo and post it with the tag #nofilter. I’m a living version of #nofilter. So, I’ve been giving some thought to possibly working on my delivery and trying to better craft what I say. But we need to be realistic here, I’m not sure I’m going to get much better. And, if I’m completely honest and divulge a grubby little truth here…

I’m not sure I want to get better. I like being what I feel is truly honest with others. I like that I have a voice and I have learned to use it – on good and bad days.

I think it is important to not be scared by your opinions, not to be scared by others reactions to your opinions and not to be afraid to listen to others opinions. Try this the next time one pops off with their thoughts – truly hear what they say before jumping on the offended bandwagon. You have your opinion. Don’t they deserve theirs? I am not saying my delivery or yours might not need a little work and making sure you have your facts correct would help, but who knows – what if the opinion could make a difference in this crazy world we live in? We have become a nation that is offended way too easily and we are losing an important part of the foundation our nation was founded on – freedom of speech.

I remember reading an article decades ago, when I was in my third decade of life (that was my 20s), about a research study that showed that, as we age, we become less inhibited verbally. I thought, well, I’m really going to give people hell when I’m an old lady! I’ve been sassy and opinionated my whole life (ask my parents and lifelong friends, God bless them), and if it gets worse as I age, it may get real for the people around me—really real.

I know that article was right, because my mom used to never speak her mind and now she does speak her mind fearlessly. That is a compliment by the way Lulu and one of the many things I admire about you!! I know women are more opinionated and blunt because society has changed a lot to allow that. But, I don’t think being a sasshole is popular because, like it or not, I think in some deep recess of our brains, we think women are supposed to be kinder and gentler. And a lot of women are. But I’m by no means a cold person, either.

What I am is passionate, and there’s a huge difference between being passionate about life and being ugly or spiteful. People often confuse my passion and fire for anger, but I can go in other directions just as passionately—I’m loveable, too! I love to laugh, dance, play and party. I always have and I will until I just can’t anymore.

So I said all this to say, it’s ok to be sassy and speak your mind. Don’t let people try to snuff out your flame. If someone doesn’t like what you say, roll on down the road.

Be loving, be loveable and be who you are.

– Amy


Gypsy Soule Awards SIX $1,000 Shopping Sprees!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Gypsy Soule Shopping Spree Contest! We received an incredible amount of entries that encompassed some amazing SOULE SISTERS, and it was hard to pick just six! Read more about the winners below!

Mandy Trammell

Mandy Trammell

Mandy Trammell represents sisterhood by showing gratitude to the women in her life that have helped her. She also is a dedicated volunteer and has donated her time to therapeutic riding schools and animal clinics. Mandy is currently training her first futurity colt and has set her goals and sights high. We chose Mandy for her bravery to go after what she wants as well as her dedication to those around her.

“I own my own style by not following any “rule book” about what’s currently in style. Putting together an outfit each day depends nothing on what my peers think looks good. When I pick out my clothes for the day I choose clothes that reflect how I feel and what I want to say to the world that day.”

Chelsea Vyncke


Chelsea is a member of, and heavily involved in, FFA. She has volunteered for numerous causes related to her high school. She plans to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and pursue a career as a veterinary technician. She also wishes to continue raising and showing livestock. We were impressed with Chelsea’s community efforts as well as her true sense of self that she portrays through her own style.

 “To me, style is being yourself. It’s not wearing the latest, greatest trend. I am known in my town for having my own style and ‘being Chelsea.’ People used to make fun of me for what I wear, but now people embrace it and often compliment my style.”

Josie Hume


Josie is extremely involved in her community and represents what a true SOULE SISTER really is. She devotes her time to helping children with handicaps as well as needs of those less fortunate during the holidays. She was chosen as one of the Shopping Spree winners because she saw the contest as a way to give back to the important people in her life by being able to give them gifts from Gypsy Soule. We applaud Josie for her generosity.

“One of my greatest friends has one of the best styles I know. I used to think that I would never be able to wear anything like she does. One day she told me that I do have my own style. She told me I dress a little different then others and I had never realized it. From that day on, I quit wishing that I had the money to buy better clothes or buy clothes that had the brand names on them. I embraced my look and felt more confident when I was out shopping for new clothes. I own my style by not getting discouraged and comparing myself to others. Everyone has to do their own thing and be themselves.”

McKenna Cooper


McKenna is such an inspiration because of her selfless acts. As a member of a group called “PALS,” McKenna takes one day a week during the school year to devote her time to children whose parents are unable to visit them during school lunches like the other parents do. McKenna also expressed a wish to purchase items from Gypsy Soule for the other SOULE SISTERS in her life. McKenna wishes to pursue a career in physical therapy.

“When I wear any Gypsy Soule item, I automatically feel determined to take on any goal/dream I may have set for myself. Every shirt that I see made by Gypsy Soule, it sends an inspiring rush through my veins that makes you feel like you can take on the world. Nothing could make me happier by adding more inspiration to my wardrobe.”

Morgan Swiecichowski


Morgan is an active FFA and 4-H member and is also on the National Honor Sociey. She spends ample time in her community and has helped organize fundraisers for Western Illinois’ school of Agriculture where she currently attends college. ≈

Morgan grew up on a cattle operation in Northeastern Wisconsin and said she plans to major in Animal Science and continue working in the industry that has been a blessing to her and her family. We chose Morgan as one of the recipients of the shopping spree because of her passion for the agricultural industry and her efforts to continue to preserve it. Here’s what she had to say about her own unique style:

“When I look good, I feel like I could take on the world.  I rock my own style every single day knowing that I am the best person I can be, I am confident and I am going to do big things.”

Tiffany Neal


Tiffany Neal is student at Mira Coast Community College and works as a technician at Woodward Equine Hospital. In the summer, Tiffany volunteers at local horse ranch where she teaches kids how to ride and care for horses. She also volunteers at a local animal shelter.

She plans to pursue a career in veterinary medicine as an equine surgeon or continue working with children by becoming an agricultural teacher. Tiffany portrays confidence and individuality in her day-to-day life, and for that we celebrate it!

“Style to me means anything you want it to be. If you want to wear something colorful, funky and sexy or if you would rather wear something tasteful, pretty and conservative and you feel confident, then I say rock. Everyone has a different style, and as long as you feel good about yourself, then you do you!”


 Congratulations to all of the winners!

Lorinda Rides with Dena Kirkpatrick

The other day I had the incredible opportunity to take a lesson with barrel horse trainer Dena Kirkpatrick. This lesson will be broadcast on RFD’s Racers Edge, on Wed., July 22 at 7:30pm CSTD. I’m so excited to be able to share this experience with everyone and hope that you’ll tune in!

Dena is insanely talented and her energy is eclectic! Just her presence gets you super pumped and ready to set the road on fire! Talk about #racelikeagirl! Not only is Dena wicked on a horse, but she’s also a bold fashionista, so it was great having her visit the Gypsy Soule headquarters before we hit the arena. Amy and I got her outfitted in her Gypsy Soule gear, including the new Jess jean (pictured). which she rocked!


DSC03103 DSC03065Anyway, back to the lesson. I know many of you who compete probably struggle with a lot of the same things I do. If you watch the show, you’ll see how Dena helped me with things like getting out of my horse’s face going to the barrel, keeping him and myself tuned up by doing slow exercises, etc. But one thing Dena and I also talked about that I wanted to share with you all was keeping a positive mental state. I think so often we focus, or even obsess, on “this, that and the other” with our horse’s positioning, our equipment, etc. (I know I do), and we forget to pay attention to our mental state. Just like anything else, you’ve got to stay positive and be confident in yourself first and, in this case, in your horse as well.

DSC03180I don’t care if you’re running a Fortune 500 company, if you’re a new mom, you’re starting your own business or have set goals for yourself in the arena, you’ve GOT to believe in yourself and foster a positive mental state. For me, when I’m trying to mentally prepare for a competition, I try to envision myself having a badass run before I ever head to the pen. It might sound crazy, but it works! I may go over it several times in my head even. It just helps me to build confidence in myself and when I do that, my horse feels it. There is NOTHING more liberating than heading to that first barrel knowing YOU CAN DO THIS! Having that mindset will set you apart from the competition and that’s what we all want, right? Dena stressed the importance of this to me and, even though we all know it, it’s important to have strong, confident women around you reminding you that you’re perfectly capable of doing what you set out to do. In closing, I want to thank Dena again for not only helping me with my horse, but also for reminding me that No. 1 – I CAN DO THIS. I can run better times. I can improve (we can ALL always improve) and No.2 – I can (and I will) have fun doing it by preparing my mind, body and SOULE to do so! So set out today to be confident in your goals and surround yourself with people that encourage you. Find your Dena. Believe in yourself, and go kick some ass!   -Lorinda